Total Package

We offer custom packages!

We understand every small business is different,
which is why you can customize a package to your needs.


KPI reporting to help you understand what
levers to push to maximize your profitability


Get strategy and management advice
from experienced business builders.


Our goal is to create relationships and
help you meet your goals.

Amplify Online Accounting and Consulting Services

Our team of experts has a plethora of wisdom to offer business owners. Our Amplify services have been designed to give you proactive advice on business profitability, financial strategy, and people management (that’s the fancy term for it) from a team of experienced business builders and managers. All of our Amplify packages include our Simplify package.

And this is what Amplify offers...

The Total package includes our Standard & Compliance packages.

Total Package
  • We will schedule a quarterly 60-minute video conference with our experienced business builders to help you build and manage your business 
  • Topics can be anything of your choosing from financial strategy to business strategy to people management to entrepreneur coaching
  • We can act as a sounding board for your ideas or give you proactive advice based on our experiences building successful businesses
  • Additionally, you will receive a short quarterly video review of your financial results by screenshot video (reviewing current results and potential ideas for improved profitability) that you can view whenever you want
Additional Add-On’s You Can Ask About:
    • For those who want even more business advice
    • Same as the Amplify package but with a monthly 30 minute session and a quarterly 60 minute session
    • Using LivePlan software, we will help you build a business plan for the year that can be used to access financing or just as a tool to help you build your business
    • The business plan will integrate with your accounting information to give you regular results versus your plan
    • You will receive a short quarterly video review of your financial results versus your plan by screenshot video—you can review at your leisure and contact us with any questions you have
    • We will schedule a 60 minute quarterly video conference meeting to review and update the plan if necessary and to act as a sounding board for you as you grow your business

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