Taking TIME out of Time-Tracking and Payroll 

Payroll can be one of the biggest headaches your company faces and certainly the last place to look for innovation, but one company is looking to change that.

TSheets is a time tracking software that’s easy for you and your team to use and keeps things organized and efficient. It offers streamlined, real time tracking and updates for scheduling and time entry.

The first client we ever moved to Tsheets paid their team by the hour and needed to schedule service calls for their repair teams. When I presented the features to the business owner he said it was exactly what he needed. Tsheets provided a virtual training session for his employees and got them up and running on their smartphones quickly. After a small investment of time to learn and build a new process, the lives of all involved were made much easier.

Benefits to your Team

The mobile app allows your team to clock-in and out with the touch of a button on their cell phone. They can switch jobs, take a break or submit their time sheet for the day. But don’t worry, Tsheets is also available to use on desktop computers or laptops, and there is even a dial-in option.

Scheduling allows your team to see where they need to be for the day and real time schedule updates mean your employees are always in the know. In today’s world, having your employees’ real-time schedule on their phone is something that will set you apart. No more printed out piece of paper on the office wall. Of course you can still print the schedule if you want to.

Your employees can see how much vacation and paid time off they have available and request time off right in Tsheets. Managers will be able to quickly and easily verify and approve any requests.

 Benefits for your Bookkeeper

Tsheets integrates with many of the major payroll providers and bookkeeping software including Quickbooks, Sage and Xero, which means less data entry for your bookkeeper and some major efficiency gains in payroll. Owners and managers can approve time sheets on the go with the mobile app and payroll can be started right away.

Not only does TSheets integrate with QuickBooks, but TSheets is now in QuickBooks Online and a part of their parent company, Intuit. So the integration works seamlessly.

 Benefits to you and your Business

With streamlined time entry and scheduling your employees will save time by not having to manually track time on each job and will be onto the next project faster, giving you a better handle on productivity and logistics.

While features including GPS locators and business insight reporting are not the main focus of the software, we do get a lot of feedback about different ways of utilizing these features.

Why TSheets?

With over 8,000 five star reviews it’s no wonder Tsheets is considered the leading time tracking and payroll app currently on the market. Their easy to use mobile app is highly efficient for tracking time and keeping scheduling up to date.

Tsheets also won the 2017 Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Department of the Year. With their online training and real time help, you’re guaranteed great service when you need it.

I meet with business owners every day to build solutions for their internal process issues and find ways to make their lives easier. When speaking to clients who need to track employees time I never hesitate to recommend TSheets. Seamless, technologically advanced time tracking and scheduling that also makes payroll processing more efficient is a win for all parts of your company.

Written by Kyle Turriff,  COO at Amplify LLP. Contact him at 519-822-9933 or visit amplifyllp.ca.