Compliance & Standard Package

We offer custom packages!

We understand every small business is different,
which is why you can customize a package to your needs.

Time Saving Tools

Take photos of receipts or email them to us and automatically have your statements and vendor invoices downloaded and filed for online access

Connect Anywhere

Connect with us how you want, from where you want:  Gotomeeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, text, email, phone, or securely on your online portal

Access Anytime

Access all of your financial information and reports securely on any internet-connected device from wherever you are in the world

Compliance & Standard Package

Here’s how it’s going to go down…

  • We get the information from you in the manner you choose and enter the data into your online accounting software
  • We make sure all of your bank and credit card transactions are recorded each month 
  • We file any monthly government paperwork for payroll and tax
  • All of our tasks (and their completion) are there for you to see in your online portal
  • Financial statements that show your performance will be ready for you to view each month
Here is what Simplify gets you:
Year-End Financial Statements

Since we’re doing your bookkeeping, that means our experienced CPA’s can handle those statements for you, as well.

  • We will complete your year-end financial statements after your last month’s bookkeeping is completed
  • A professional accountant will sign your statements with a notice to reader report attached 
  • Your statements can be used for analyzing your business performance, tax reporting and accessing financing if needed
Year-end corporate tax returns
  • If you’re incorporated, we will complete your corporate tax returns after the year-end financial statements are completed. They will be electronically filed with the government after you have approved them.
Immediate family personal tax returns
  • Personal tax returns are due either by April 30 or June 15, depending on whether you are self-employed (but any tax owing is due April 30 in both cases. Fun.). We will give you a checklist of information we may need to complete for you and your immediate family’s personal tax returns. Once we receive all of the information, we will complete the returns and electronically file them for you.
Year-end planning meeting
  • Every year-end, we will have a planning meeting by video conference (or phone or in person if you prefer) to discuss your businesses performance and tax planning for today and the future. Topics will generally include: 
    • A review of your business’ performance for the past year
    • Our observations on how your business is doing and ideas that may help improve profitability
    • Discussion regarding the best way to pay yourself
    • How to minimize tax based on your business and family circumstances

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