What You Need to Know About Websites

By Katie Cheesmond

There are over 1.2 billion websites active right now and the number is growing all the time. Go ahead, click that link. You can watch the numbers counting upward. But before you do that, here are a few things we think you should know about those websites.   The host with the most Did you…

Amplify Featured in IM in a Car

By Monica Kwok

Our friends over at Intrigue Media started a fun and creative segment called IM in a Car, where Co-Founder Rob Murray takes business people in the community a drive around in his car to chat and offer business advice. Our Client Experience Officer, Dave McEllistrum, had the opportunity to talk to Rob and share his story!…

5 Tools That Your Company Needs to Consider

By Kyle Turriff

Change doesn’t always need to be sweeping. Change the way you sweep and see what happens.

A big part of my role is to be a thought leader on change and how technology can support a better process. The end goal usually being an efficiency gain or more importantly a better client experience.

The Personality of Online Accounting

By amplifyllp-RLB

Name a profession that requires a genuine personality and people skills. I bet bookkeeping wasn’t the first thing to come to mind, was it? We bookkeepers are commonly called number crunchers and bean counters. Many people, when thinking about bookkeepers (which surely happens all the time), imagine someone with a pocket protector, sitting alone in a back…

Google Apps Can Simplify Your Life!

By Kyle Turriff

The Issue Many small business owners need to balance their time and technology costs to run their business. This includes issues like when do I buy a new computer? What software do I NEED? Do I really HAVE to pay that much just to write a proposal? The amount of time you spend dealing with these…

Creating a World Class Customer Experience

By Dave McEllistrum

(This is the second post in our series as we build our new business) I had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in the food court of a mall. Ten years ago I started attending a November conference in Buckhead just outside of Atlanta. I arrived early and had some time to kill. Most…