Follow us here as we build and grow Amplify. We will post our thoughts, successes and failures (hopefully not too many failures 🙂 ) as we build a new cloud accounting and CFO service from the ground up.

One of the goals of this blog is to help entrepreneurs and business owners with ideas for managing, growing and increasing the profitability of their businesses. What better way than to share our experiences as we go from an idea to start-up to a mature company!

Cloud based bookkeeping, communication and collaboration software is changing the accounting landscape and creating a better way to serve small business and start-up clients across Canada. We want to utilize these tools and deliver services that make entrepreneurs lives easier and help them reach their goals.

If you are a small business owner or have a strong interest in small business we would love to hear your feedback throughout our journey.

The Concept:

What problems are we trying to help small business owners solve?

  • Bookkeeping and filing government paperwork is a hassle for the small business owner. Hiring a full time accountant is too expensive. Focusing on customers and managing growth and profitability is the number one priority but managing financial paperwork becomes a distraction.
  • People who start small businesses are passionate about and have a deep understanding of their product or service. Many owners don’t have significant business and financial experience or a person that they can share their ideas with and get “been there, done that” feedback.
  • Small business owners intuitively begin to understand their cash flow and key profitability drivers as they gain experience. Many don’t receive regular reporting to confirm their intuition.
  • The process of bookkeeping to government filings to tax and business planning is often not efficient and cost effective.
  • Communication with providers and access to financial information can be difficult and not flexible.
  • It is difficult to find local resources that will give proactive advice in all aspects of financial, hr and business management.
  • Many small business owners don’t know where to go to get practical resources for maximizing their profitability.
  • As small businesses grow, their financial needs change and become more complex.

How are we going to help small business owners and make a difference in their lives?

Create a cloud accountant service that utilizes online bookkeeping, reporting, storage and communication tools.

  • No matter where you are, you can have secure access to your important financial information and your financial team.
  • We can service small businesses across Canada

Remove the headache and uncertainty of the financial aspects of business

  • Providing full outsourced accounting and planning services to small businesses. From bookkeeping, regular management reporting and government remittances to year end financial statements and personal and corporate tax returns we will be the small business owner’s outsourced accounting and CFO team.

Take a genuine interest in helping clients reach their personal and business goals by providing

  • Proactive advice on minimizing taxes and how entrepreneurs pay themselves
  • A regular report on financial performance in easy to understand terms rather than accountant talk
  • A resource for strategy, management and people issues. We have experience building and managing our own companies and have a human resource team that can help with people compliance, hiring and maximizing team performance.
  • Regular business coaching sessions to be a sounding board for owners and to help ensure key business initiatives are successfully implemented

All inclusive monthly fee direct from credit card

  • By assessing the level and type of service required for each new client we can provide a monthly all inclusive fee to give efficiency and annual cost certainty at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee.

Grow with our clients as their financial needs become more complex

  • When the client grows they can count on RLB’s midsized and large client resources

Create relationships and provide personal service

  • Our service will utilize the newest technology. We believe this can enhance creating personal relationships and connection with our clients.

We would love your feedback! Are we connecting with a need? Are we missing anything? Would this level of service help you and your business? We would love to make this an interactive process and look forward to your feedback. Stay tuned for our next “Building a Business” blog post on creating a world class client experience.

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