5 Tools That Your Company Needs to Consider

By Kyle Turriff

Change doesn’t always need to be sweeping. Change the way you sweep and see what happens.

A big part of my role is to be a thought leader on change and how technology can support a better process. The end goal usually being an efficiency gain or more importantly a better client experience.

Building Your Personal Brand

By Martine Koestel

Companies spend countless dollars and hours determining their brand image. Why shouldn’t you invest the same into your personal brand? Everyday you are representing the company you work for, the company you are founder to, or any…

6 Misconceptions about Stat Pay

By amplifyllp-RLB

Who doesn’t like a day off with pay? Nobody, that’s who. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Victoria Day are known as “statutory holidays” or “stat days,” and many employees are entitled to a paid day off on…

How Technology Impacts Your Small Business

By Martine Koestel

As technology continues to change, more and more business owners are asking the same question: how does technology impact a small business? The overall consensus confirms that technology has provided ease for small business owners and…

The Personality of Online Accounting

By amplifyllp-RLB

Name a profession that requires a genuine personality and people skills. I bet bookkeeping wasn’t the first thing to come to mind, was it? We bookkeepers are commonly called number crunchers and bean counters. Many…