THE ACCOUNTING FIRM OF AMPLIFY LLP knows how important your privacy is to you. Our commitment to our clients and others is to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal and business information that is entrusted to us in the course of rendering services to our clients. As Chartered Accountants we are governed by the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct, which have always and will continue to protect the privacy
and confidentiality of your personal information.

For these reasons, we have created the following privacy and data policy. It confirms our commitment to protecting your privacy and maintaining the trust that you have placed in our accounting firm. In this privacy and data policy we explain how
we collect and use personal information and your rights related to its collection and use.

    Our firm is responsible for the personal information collected and maintained by it and which is under its control. In order to
    fulfill this responsibility:
    I. We have designated an official to be responsible for the day-to-day care and control of personal information;
    II. Our firm has taken the following measures to ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy:
    a. Developed procedures to protect personal information;
    b. Developed procedures to receive and respond to complaints and inquiries;
    c. Trained our staff on our policies and practices with respect to personal information; and
    d. Developed and distributed information to our staff and the general public explain our policies and
    Our firm collects personal information for the following limited purposes:
    I. To assist us in providing services pertaining to the preparation of your financial statements;
    II. For the preparation of your taxation and other returns as required for various governmental and other regulatory
    III. To advise and assist you with personal and financial planning, retirement and succession planning, and other
    business and personal advisory services;
    IV. To understand your needs and determine the suitability of other services we may be able to offer you; and
    V. To share, as reasonably required, for the purposes stated above, within our group of businesses.
    Our firm is committed to ensuring that you are aware of how your personal information is used. We will not collect, use, or
    disclose your personal information without your consent. By providing us with your personal information for the purposes
    listed above, you consent to our collection and use of the information for those purposes. With respect to personal
    information that you provide for the preparation of your tax and other returns, you consent to our transmitting such personal
    information to the appropriate government or regulatory authorities.
    If we wish to collect your personal information for purposes other than as stated above, we may request that you consent,
    verbally or in writing, to such collection. If we wish to use personal information that we have already collected, for a purpose
    other than as stated above, then we will first seek your consent to such use.
    We may periodically request written confirmation from you to ensure that the personal information collected and maintained
    by us is up-to-date and accurate. We also may ensure that we have your continuing consent to the use and retention of your
    personal information.
    You have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. In
    some cases such refusal or withdrawal may prohibit or adversely affect the completion of our professional engagement. We
    will advise you if that is the case.
    Our firm will disclose your personal information, for other than the purposes stated above, only if required to do so by law.
    We will notify you of such disclosure and provide you with the reason that obligates us to release the personal information.
    Our firm restricts the collection of personal information only to that information that is necessary for the limited purposes
    noted above. We are committed to collecting personal information in a fair, open and lawful manner.
    For this reason, our firm does not indiscriminately collect personal information. We collect personal information to fulfill the
    above-noted purposes only, and for no other purposes.
    Our firm does not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected, unless it has
    first obtained the consent of the person from whom such information was received. We retain personal information only for
    as long as it is needed and only for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was originally collected.
    Our firm is committed to maintaining accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information. If you are aware of changes to
    the personal information you have given to us, simply inform us of the changes and we will update our records accordingly.
    You may check and correct your personal information by contacting our firm and the official assigned to oversee the day-today care and control of personal information by writing or emailing your request to the address set out in Appendix 1 below.
    Our firm has developed and implemented security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information kept
    by us. These security safeguards include:
    I. Physical security measures, such as locked cabinet storage and restricted access to areas where personal
    information is stored; and
    II. Internal employee security measures, including restricted computer access, employee confidentiality agreements,
    and limited access to where personal information is stored;
    III. We have taken and will continue to take appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality of
    electronically transferred personal information. However, no system can be completely secure. Therefore, although
    we take steps to secure your information, we do no guarantee, and you should not expect, that your personal
    information, searches, or other communications will always remain secure. Users should also take care with how
    they handle and disclose their personal information and should avoid sending personal information through
    insecure means.
    Each and every one of our employees, partners and associates is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security
    of all personal information to which they have access. Our employees are trained to know and respect our privacy policy,
    and compliance with our policies and procedures for protecting personal information is a condition of their employment.
    Personal information kept by us is disposed of or destroyed once it is no longer needed to meet the purposes for which it
    was collected. If at any point you wish for us to delete information about you, you can do this by contacting in writing to the
    address set out in Appendix 1.
    Our firm makes information about its policies and practices respecting the collection and maintenance of personal
    information available to all interested parties.
    We are pleased to answer questions that you may have regarding the collection and maintenance of personal information.
    Please forward questions in writing or email to the address set out in Appendix 1 below.
    You can request access to your personal information held by us. However, we reserve the right to confirm the identity of the
    person seeking access to personal information before complying with access requests. In order to comply with your request,
    we may ask you to provide us with some additional information that we will use to verify your identity. If you fail to provide
    such information and the information that you have already given to us is not sufficient to identify you, we may refuse to
    provide you with information. Please forward your access request in writing or email to the address set out in Appendix 1
    Upon verified request, we will inform you if we have your personal information in our care and control, as well as providing
    you with the details of such personal information in responding to your request.
    We are also committed to ensuring that the personal information that is collected and maintained by us is correct, accurate
    and complete.
    In the interest of facilitating our services, we may communicate by facsimile transmission, send data over the Internet, store
    electronic data via computer software applications hosted remotely on the Internet, or allow access to data through thirdparty vendors’ secured portals or clouds. Electronic data may be transmitted or stored using these methods.
    We may use third-party service providers to store or transmit this data, such as providers of tax return preparation software
    and digital delivery of files. In using these data communication and storage methods, our firm employs measures designed
    to maintain data security. RLB adheres to industry standards in efforts to keep such communications and data access
    secure in accordance with our obligations under applicable laws and professional standards. We also require all of our thirdparty vendors to do the same
    Our firm has designated an official who is responsible for the day-to-day care and control of personal information. This
    official will receive and respond to all information requests regarding our privacy policies or about your personal information
    under our care and control. Equally, if you wish to be added or removed from any of the lists Amplify LLP maintains, please
    write or email your request to this official.
    We investigate all complaints received by us and will respond in writing in a reasonable time frame. If a complaint is found to
    be justified, then we will take appropriate measures to resolve the matter.
    We constantly review our Privacy Policy and strive towards making it better. That is why we reserve the right to amend this
    Policy at any time. We will not reduce any of your rights stated in this Privacy Policy without asking for your explicit prior
    consent to the changes. Each amendment to the Privacy Policy will be signed with the date of publishing and will be
    effective since that date. You can access previous version by request, see Appendix 1.

    If, at any time, you wish to amend your personal information with us or remove your name from our mailing, or newsletter
    mailing lists, simply inform us in writing at the address below or by e-mail at
    197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard, Unit 103
    Guelph, Ontario
    N1C 0A1
    Tel: (844) 822-9939