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Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs by helping you reach your business and personal goals.

Ankur Chawla
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Corinne Sales
Bookkeeping Specialist
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Dave McEllistrum
Client Experience Officer
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Jennifer Silva
Bookkeeping Support Specialist
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Kyle Turriff
Client Onboarding Officer
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Maggie Kurtz
Bookkeeping Leader
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Monica Kwok
Marketing Coordinator
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Peter Niemeier
Client Experience Manager
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Tara Walsh
Client Concierge
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Hours of bookeeping & accounting experience

At Amplify there are no small clients.  Only small business owners and entrepreneurs with dreams and aspirations for building their business and a better life for themselves and their family.

Our team is purposely selected from over 100 people at our sister company RLB for their skill and experience in helping small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. Our breadth and depth of services are available to you as you grow and planning becomes more complex.

RLB is a top 50 Employer in Canada


RLB is one of the top 30 accounting firms in Canada

Simplify your life.

Amplify your business.

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