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Simplify Your Life. Amplify Your Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur in Whitehorse, own a business in St. John’s, or somewhere in between, our team of accountants and bookkeepers can handle your accounting and tax needs. All accesible online for a flat monthly fee.

Time Saving Tools

Take photos of receipts or email them to us and automatically have your statements and vendor invoices downloaded and filed for online access

Business Strategy

Get strategy, tax and management advice from experienced business builders. KPI reporting to help you understand what levers to pull to maximize profitability

Your Accounting Team

Our goal is create relationships and to help you meet all of your goals. A personalized, custom process is where we want to start.

Custom Monthly Packages

Value Pricing Custom

During our discovery call, we will work to build a custom monthly package tailored to your needs. This will always remain flexible as your business evolves

Connect with your accountants and bookkeepers how you want, from where you want: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, email, phone,securely on your online portal or in-person at one of our offices

Simplify or amplify?

How we help our clients

What we do


We can handle all aspects of your monthly bookkeeping or simply support you or your team through the process, whichever works best for your business.

Year-End Financial Statements

Whether you are a sole proprietor or incorporated, the basic financial statements give you the snapshot of your business' performance. Our team will ensure you are on top of things

Personal and Corporate Tax

Tax planning, advice and filing comes standard for Amplify clients. Your CPA will work with you on all things tax and how to pay yourself


Payroll can be one of the major stress points for any business owner. Your Amplify team can build a solution that can include automated time tracking, direct deposit and automatic remittance payments to CRA.

KPI Reporting

Each business has key performance indicators that are crucial to manage growth effectively. Your Amplify accountant can ensure that you are reviewing these KPI's regularly and work with you on taking action

Software Support & Training

You and your team have a growing box of tools you use everyday.Part of simplifying your life means streamlining how they integrate and ensuring you are mastering your technology and it is not mastering you.

Succession Planning

Transitioning responsibilities and/or ownership of any business takes careful planning and consideration. Our CPA's have experience and can help with all considerations.

Strategy Sessions

Meet with your accountant throughout the year or plan project based sessions to work towards your goals. Your Amplify CPA is a part of your business


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